March 22, 2015

Melting snow

Already end of the first month of spring, but the weather didn't spring. Today the whole day was snowing. I'm waiting for the end of cold to take photos again, I so miss this in last months.
In the meantime, some photos of winter nature and me, although I'm not as photogenic as my beautiful models :D

In fact, I don't like the cold and always look forward to look out when the sun, but for some reason I like just such landscapes. When the snow melts and lying into small pieces everywhere, no greenery, only dry trees, hoarfrost and cold fresh air - I just in love with these views!

March 14, 2015

Whim online magazine

Recently my photos from the series "Pale Butterfly" published on the website Whim online magazine :)

It's so nice! In fact, I some proud of it, because I really love this magazine! ^^
Editor of "Whim" - Melanie, she has wonderful taste in the photo, which is also close to me. Her selections photos always find a response with me.
awwww <3
Perhaps here you will find something that will inspire you!