April 26, 2015

Unpublished photos from published shoots

This photos that I post here in the blog and didn't include them in the series. Because they don't get or they fun, or a bit strange, but I like it anyway! To them I use other post processing. I guess I have a lot of these photos, but now I found these)

I love hard light. It's always possible to do shots while playing with light and shadow.
A piece of place with willows, which I chose to take a ballet theme.
Very cool ivy! Place from shooting http://we-t-h-e-peoplee.blogspot.ru/2014/09/pale-butterfly.html
That's how the evening seemed a place where we photographed the series: http://we-t-h-e-peoplee.blogspot.ru/2014/12/dancing-on-wind.html
Fabulous place...
Absolutely accidentally found trampoline! After the photo shoot "Dusty Rose". And I really love this photo <3
Alyona in her present image after "Pale Butterfly"
It's a little walk with Zhenya after the fairy photo shoot "Dusty Rose": http://we-t-h-e-peoplee.blogspot.ru/2014/08/dusty-rose.html